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Co-op Program Allows Students and Companies to ‘Try Before They Buy’

Jun 6, 2018 10:31:00 AM / by Karen Hutner

Transitioning effectively from college to a career is crucial in the workplace. For some students, the ability to learn those skills in a cooperative education setting will give students a chance to work in their field, gain professional experience and allows them time to make meaningful adjustments to academic and career plans.

Recently, QCC’s Career Services and Credit for Prior Learning Office hosted a Cooperative Education Appreciation Breakfast to recognize the college’s Co-op students and the 48 employers who hosted them.

“The Co-op Program is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get a first-hand look into what it is like in the working atmosphere of their study,” said Wendy Jameson, Volunteer Coordinator at Reliant Medical Group. “It gives a supervisor the opportunity to mentor bright and enthusiastic students along with taking part in the training of their future.”   

Robin Tasca, a recent QCC graduate who earned her Certificate in Hospitality Management, knows firsthand the value of the Co-op program.

“I love the Co-op concept. I find it extremely valuable to gain real life, on-the-job experience,” Ms. Tasca said.

Ms. Tasca did her Co-op at the DCU Center in Worcester, working in the corporate sales office as a sales intern. She said the program gave her a hands-on understanding of the sales venue selling process within the hospitality industry.

“For me, the program was one of the greatest opportunities given to me. The experience allowed me to network and meet new people,” she said. “Thanks to my internship at the DCU Center I was able to apply, interview and get hired by the brand new AC Hotel in Worcester as the Sales & Catering Coordinator. “

“I believe it (the Co-op program) enhances visibility and reputation through interactions with the community,” Ms. Jameson added. “I enjoy working and placing QCC students and hearing about their continued employment opportunities.”

Most QCC students can elect a cooperative education study option, which can be used as an elective in some academic programs, or a requirement in others. A student can earn up to nine credits in cooperative education toward their degree.  Visit QCC Cooperative Education to learn more about the program requirement.

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Karen Hutner

Written by Karen Hutner

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