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Education Without Barriers

Imagine a place where the divisions of race, gender, and ethnicity are non-existent, a place where an equitable education and support is a right of all. QCC student Zuheyry Encarnacion (Class of ‘20) knows that place. Thanks to QCC’s Mentoring Program and her mentor, Dr. Natalie Anumba, a
forensic psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Zuheyry found the support she needed to help her succeed.

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

For most of us, this is our first experience with a pandemic, social distancing, quarantine and isolation. That’s a lot for people to take in, especially in the beginning when the weather had us cooped up inside our homes staying warm and dry. As the Director of QCC’s mentoring program it was certainly an adjustment for me, as well as the participants on both sides. We had to find new ways to communicate, keep in touch and keep that personal connection we worked so hard to build. Matching mentors and mentees takes getting to know people and building the relationship once we make the match takes time and effort as well. So, like so many others, we turned to Zoom, Facetime, phones, iPads, laptops and whatever else was necessary to keep our momentum.

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Striking A Match

Zuheyry Encarnacion has found her secret weapon, her motivation and her self confidence. Since she started criminal justice classes at Quinsigamond Community College, she's has had the support and guidance of a special woman -  Dr. Natalie Anumba, a forensic psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It could have been fate, it could have

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120 Days to More Degrees

A lot can change in 120 days, and it will. The average high in Worcester on May 23 is 68 degrees, the average low is 49 degrees. The look outside your window, the feeling of fresh, sunny air and quite possibly another type of degree. A professional degree that could change your life forever.

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A Taste of College

[Worcester Public Schools College Community Connection students stand with their instructor James Kett (center).]

Something you may not know about QCC is that we've been working with Worcester high school students for more than 15 years. We work with high school students in many ways, but our participation in the Worcester Public Schools College Community Connection Program gives them a taste of college, and a summer job! 

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The Unique Chemistry Between a Father and Daughter

Hirul and Dilip Patel

You many have heard people discuss the special bond that often happens between a father and daughter. For many, the bond is something that cannot accurately be described but is nonetheless unbreakable.

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