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Excited For The Future

You can see it in her eyes...it's pure excitement for the future, and she's ready for it. Jatnna Perez is a Quinsigamond Community College healthcare student poised to graduate in May with her associate degree in public health. Jattna came to the US from the Dominican Republic in 2012. She attended high school in New York and moved to Worcester shortly after graduation.

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Breathing New Life With 3-D Printing

As an instructor in the Respiratory Care Program, it’s my job to help students become intimately familiar with cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology. The human lung has nearly 20 segments and 5 lobes for them to learn and become comfortable navigating for techniques like bronchopulmonary drainage and bronchoscopy. Bronchoscopy is a procedure that requires navigating a bronchoscope (specialized suctioning tube with a camera on the end of it) into a patient’s airways to suction and obtain specimens.

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The Unique Chemistry Between a Father and Daughter

Hirul and Dilip Patel

You many have heard people discuss the special bond that often happens between a father and daughter. For many, the bond is something that cannot accurately be described but is nonetheless unbreakable.

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