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Fall Safety Info for QCC Students

Sep 1, 2021 12:07:43 PM / by Quinsig Wyvern

Our Fall 2021 semester begins on September 8. We are excited to provide courses on campus this Fall, and look forward to the return of in-person student life, academic, and athletic activities.

We are cognizant of the nationwide spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant and the challenges it is causing in many communities throughout the country. While most of Massachusetts and our community are not in the CDC’s designated highest level areas of transmission, our community is an area of elevated transmission. QCC is committed to implementing protocols that provide a safe environment in which we can work and learn. We continue to communicate with local, State, and Federal health agencies to receive up-to-date, accurate information and guidance to help inform our decisions.

The following safety protocols are effective immediately:

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are required indoors at all QCC Campus and Satellite locations. (currently in effect)
  • Faculty, staff, students and visitors are required to bring and wear their own face coverings.
  • Face coverings are available to all employees, students, and visitors who are in need of a face covering and unable to bring their own.
  • Contact Campus Police dispatch at 508.854.4221 for assistance.
  • Face Coverings are available between 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Friday. (Please note that the face coverings provided from Public Safety are in limited supply so please only request one if you have no other means in which to secure your own.)

Campus Wellness

  • All faculty, staff, students and visitors must complete the COVID-19 Self-Checker prior to coming to campus. Individuals with any upper respiratory symptoms similar to a cold, flu or COVID-19 should not come on-site to any location.
  • Faculty, staff, or students who are staying home due to symptoms, concerns, or diagnoses of Coronavirus/COVID-19 should complete the Health and Safety Intake Form. This form will be kept strictly confidential, but you will be contacted by a representative from the College’s Emergency Management Team.


Every classroom will receive the following:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Cleaning/disinfecting spray and paper towels (or disinfecting wipes)
    • Phone number and information to order refills are on every cleaning station
  • Classrooms and public areas on campus will be cleaned more frequently. An additional “COVID shift” has been added to thoroughly clean classrooms at night.

Campus Bookstore

  • The QCC Campus Bookstore will use EZQ to schedule appointments for students to pick up books to limit the number of people in line at any given time.

Campus Facilities

  • Air conditioning and air handling/ventilation equipment has been upgraded with the highest level of filtration available as applicable, following CDC guidelines.
  • All offices, classrooms and college spaces will receive more frequent cleanings throughout the day and night. An additional “COVID shift” has been added to thoroughly clean classrooms at night
  • Hand sanitization stations have been added to all public offices, classrooms and bathrooms, as well as in high traffic locations throughout our main campus and all QCC locations
  • Updated signage reminding people that face coverings are required indoors and to maintain proper hygiene is posted throughout all QCC locations

Campus Communications

  • At the start of the Fall semester, volunteers will walk around our main campus and all QCC locations to provide gentle reminders that face coverings are required while indoors.
  • A new web site, QCC.edu/HealthySafeCampus, is available to communicate information and updates as applicable.
  • The COVID-19 Testing Dashboard continues to be active and available to inform the College community of the number of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been on campus.
  • Updated signage reminding people that face coverings are required indoors and to maintain proper hygiene is posted throughout all QCC locations


The 15 Massachusetts Community Colleges, including QCC, continue to strongly recommend that everyone get the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines are free, safe, effective and readily available at all retail pharmacies throughout the Commonwealth.

We must all work together to support one another and our students to ensure we have a safe and successful semester. We will continue to communicate updates and information as applicable. Visit QCC.edu/HealthySafeCampus and be sure to check your email regularly to stay informed.


We look forward to seeing you this Fall.

QCC President and Vice Presidents

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Quinsig Wyvern

Written by Quinsig Wyvern

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