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Help Paying For Books

Sep 7, 2021 3:16:48 PM / by Quinsig Wyvern

QCC offers a few different options that you may not be aware of to assist students with their books.

Bookstore Allowance (open now through October 1):

A Bookstore Allowance is a credit available at the QCC Follett Bookstore (www.qccshop.com) for students to purchase books and supplies.  Bookstore Charges will be added to student accounts after October 1.  Those charges will be paid through eligible financial aid, through a third party, or will be owed to the College by the student if a balance is due after other resources.

How do you qualify for a Bookstore Allowance? 

  • Students with financial aid awards that exceed their semester bill or students who have financial assistance through a third party that covers books. 
  • Students who have a complete financial aid file who are waiting for an award. 

IMPORTANT: It is not too late for students to apply for financial aid (www.fafsa.gov)!  The process may take time, but students can still qualify for federal funding and be considered for the MASSGrant Plus program if they apply by November 1!  Students should register in at least 6 credits to maximize eligibility, which may include federal student loans.  (Students may qualify at fewer than 6 credits if they are very low income.)  As long as they are registered and attending/participating in their classes, we are able award them any time during the Fall semester.    

How do you access your Bookstore Allowance?

  • Check The Q!  If an allowance is available, you will see a “Bookstore Allowance” line item on your Course & Fee statement. You will also receive a Qmail from the Business Office notifying you of your eligibility and how to use it.  If your financial aid exceeds your semester charges but no “Bookstore Allowance”, you should contact the Financial Aid Office.  You must accept your loans to receive an allowance based on those funds.
  • If you have applied for financial aid but is not yet awarded, you must first complete your files by submitting any required information.  You can then submit a Book Allowance Request form to the Financial Aid Office.  Review typically takes 1-2 business days, and you will be sent a Qmail with the outcome.

Follett Book Scholarship

The Follett Book Scholarship is free funding to purchase books and supplies, as appropriate. In some cases, it may also be available for bus passes. This scholarship is open to non-financial aid applicants and students who would not otherwise qualify for financial aid, in addition to financial aid applicants.  Funding is very limited and is awarded first-come first-serve.  If you are a student in need, please email emergencygrant@qcc.mass.edu to see how we can help! 

QCC Emergency Assistance Grant

For students with exceptional financial need to assist with the cost of books (or other financial challenges you may be facing!).  Find more info here.  All registered students who have exceptional financial need qualify, including Undeclared students, non-credit students, DACA students, International students, dual-enrolled, etc.  There are no financial aid eligibility criteria for the federal emergency grants, though there is a generous “per student” maximum.  Applications are reviewed weekly, and eligible students typically receive a check approximately 2 weeks after submitting their application.  These funds are required to be distributed to the student directly and are often for other financial needs, so Bookstore Allowances are not automatically processed.  This process is best used as a reimbursement to students who are able to purchase books up front.  If you are unable to do so, please email emergencygrant@qcc.mass.edu when you submit your application, and we’ll do what we can to help.


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Quinsig Wyvern

Written by Quinsig Wyvern

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