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How The Grinch Stole Finals

Dec 16, 2021 11:09:47 AM / by Quisigamond Community College

The Grinch hated finals! The whole finals week!
Now, please don't ask why, the reasons are bleak.
"They’ll be studying tonight!" he snarled with a sneer,
"Tomorrow is finals! It's practically here!"

Then he growled, his Grinch fingers nervously drumming,
"I MUST find some way to stop finals from coming!"
For tomorrow, he knew, he’d see all the looks,
When they wake bright and early to rush for their books!

Students, young and old, would sit down for a test.
And they'd click and write ‘til their scores were the best.
And THEN They'd do something he liked least of all!
Every student on campus would earn A’s for the Fall.

They'd stand hand-in-hand all wearing their masks.
And they’d celebrate and sing, they completed their tasks.
"Why, for fifty-eight years I've put up with it now!"
"I MUST stop finals from coming! But HOW?"

Then he chuckled, and clucked, and logged in to The Q,
To type an announcement “No finals for you”!
When the students awoke and checked their Qmail,
A miracle had happened, nobody could fail.

Finals were canceled for the whole school?
No way said the students, not me, I’m no fool.
They all went to class and took their exam
No QCC student could fall for that scam.

So they earned their degrees and fantastic careers
And the Grinch was sadder than he had been in years.
Some time had passed, and then it was Spring
He realized that Grinching may not be his thing.

He enrolled at Quinsig for his nursing degree,
Then he looked in the mirror and said “look at me!”
I was a miserable, furry, terrible mess,
I went from worst to nurse in 2 years or less.

And that minute his heart didn't feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his stethoscope to work through the night.
The patients came in and he treated them well,
Sometimes even the worst can break their own spell.

What is it today that we learn from this lesson?
Determination can bring a rewarding profession.
Finals aren’t cancelled, procrastination is done
Now run off and study for every last one.

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