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More Than Remote Instruction

Aug 18, 2020 9:33:42 AM / by Guest Author

It’s time to get motivated, set some new goals and have the coffee pot on standby for the late night study sessions because back to school is here again. Sounds easy, right? We know starting college for the first time, or coming back after a long time (or even a summer break), can be challenging. But starting a new semester in college during unprecedented times like these – well, you may have to dig a little deeper.  

Your academic journey at QCC will be remote this semester, but that doesn’t mean being disconnected from all that the college has to offer. One of the best ways to feel connected is engaging with your peers. You may not know anyone in your classes, and you may not get to know your professor, but peers offer a great connection to understanding how your academic journey will unfold at QCC.

The General Academic Areas Tutoring Center is a not only great resource for coursework, it’s a great way to connect with your peers and meet people. The Tutoring Center will connect you with a tutor and your classmates to work through your coursework virtually. We are here to help you build your academic skills – this means not only helping you understand course content, but helping you understand the best ways for YOU to learn.  

All QCC tutors are current QCC students, recent QCC grads, or current or retired educators and are exceptionally knowledgeable in their areas. We have taken the same courses you’re taking and know how hard you’re working. We are also extremely passionate about letting you set the pace. We are here for a quick question, or to understand larger concepts; see us once for help, or every week. That's what we call our flexible environment: we help you set goals and guide you through to the end.

There’s a common misconception that tutors have all the answers, and we’re just waiting for you to ask all the questions. That is not the case. A tutoring session is more than understanding a homework assignment or studying for an exam. During a tutoring session, we model and apply the process of learning how to figure out the answers. Talking things through with a tutor allows you to become more aware of not only WHAT you are learning but HOW you learn. You will develop stronger study skills. When you talk through study strategies with someone, you are more likely to remember and apply that strategy not just to the course you are working on, but to all of your courses.  

The Tutoring Center also helps students connect with the college overall. Through a peer tutor, you might connect more with your professor, your classmates, or other groups on campus. We encourage students to talk to professors, ask questions, visit during office hours, and form your own study groups. You may not know anyone on campus except people in your class – start your own study group with them and the the Tutoring Center will work with all of you! 

So where does all of this take place? During remote instruction, all of our services are online, on Blackboard. When you log into Blackboard, you will see all of your current courses listed on the left side under a heading called “My Courses and Communities.” In there, you’ll find us – “General Academic Areas Tutoring Center.” You’ll see links to Zoom sessions as well as many other resources including small group tutoring, workshops, class-specific structured group tutoring, assistance with Blackboard, and more. We encourage you to look around to explore all we have to offer! 

Remember, as you begin a new semester, everyone is starting new in some way. Whether it’s your first time in college, your first time at QCC, or your first time taking an online class, this will no doubt be a transition. Keep in mind, we are here to help and make sure our students have ways to stay connected. The General Academic Areas Tutoring Center is an excellent resource to support you wherever you are in your academic journey at QCC. We look forward to working with you this semester and beyond!   

More info or questions? Email us at gaa@qcc.mass.edu. Learn more online!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to reach out anytime.

Nicole Dellasanta
Learning Manager of the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center
Quinsigmaond Community College

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