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National Business Etiquette Week

Jun 8, 2018 10:04:05 AM / by Karen Hutner

Business Etiquette Tips

The classes are done, graduation has come and gone, and now you’re in it to win it as you start your new job. Are you ready? Unsure what you should know? Fear not…it’s National Business Etiquette Week (June 3-9). Business Etiquette is basically proper manners in the business world. Following good business etiquette practices can sometimes mean the difference between scaling that workplace ladder or tumbling to the ground and getting stuck in a dead-end job.

Written & Unwritten Rules

Business etiquette are those manners and rules, written and unwritten, that are accepted or required in a profession. Following them may just make you a standout employee. So what are some general best practices for business etiquette?

  • Be On Time - Start the workday at the time you are scheduled to work.
  • Introduce Yourself - Don’t assume people know who you are.
  • Phones - Know your company's cell phone policy and follow it. The last thing the boss wants to see is you using your personal phone at your desk. 
  • Email – Be careful what you put in an email. Always re-read the email and double-check where it’s being sent. Once you hit SEND it’s out there somewhere…FOREVER.
  • Email, Again - Never email angry. If something has happened that upsets you, your first instinct may be to react, don't. Wait until you have calmed down and had time to think about a professional response. 
  • Be a Team Player - Never say "this is not my job". Everything is your job!
  • Be Respectful  - Even if you can’t respect the person, respect the position.
  • Dress Properly – If you don’t know what that means then ask someone who’s been at the company for a while.
  • Commit - If you say you will do a project then follow through. If you don't have time to complete a request, at least acknowledge that you received it and let the person know you will get to it as soon as you have time. 
  • Be Timely - Reply to requests in a timely manner…not one or two months later.
  • SMILE! - It's worth a thousand words!

Our students are in the workforce and they know how to make things happen. Do you have some tips on being an exceptional employee? Let us know. 

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Karen Hutner

Written by Karen Hutner

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